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Private Training

Working with Kimberly Burgan has been a wonderful experience. She really listens, and has a patient, kind way with both dogs and humans. Before I started training with Kimberly, my dog was very aggressive and I was incredibly frustrated. Most of our interactions were unpleasant - to say the least. Kimberly gave me the tools that I needed to build a relationship with my dog, that is not only rewarding, but lots of fun! He truly behaves like a different dog today, it's just remarkable. I will be forever grateful to Kimberly and her training techniques for his transformation.

Liz Parker
Publisher, Austin Pets Directory
Board Chair, Emancipet

What is it?

Whether you are in need of basic training or complex behavior modification, the one-on-one attention you receive in a private lesson will ensure that you and your dog have developed the “mental toolbox” needed to set the two of you up for success in a group and/or real-life setting. A series of three private lessons is typically recommended for dogs experiencing moderate to severe behavior problems including – but not limited to – aggression, anxiety, and/or separation issues. Your learnings will arm you with a proactive and productive style of communicating with your pet in a way that he/she actually understands! Private lessons are held in your home or alternate location based on your training needs and last approximately 1-1.5 hours.

For your dog: Basic manners, behavior modification, house-training or whatever your family needs! Program length varies case by case, depending on your dog’s current training level and the severity of the problem. Get started today by scheduling your Initial Consultation!

For your puppy: Basic puppy manners, house-training (potty training), handling, whatever your puppy needs including introduction to socialization. Program length varies case by case. Most puppy training issues require 3 sessions. Get started today by scheduling your Initial Consultation!

Specialized Private Instruction Options

Kids and Dogs: Prevent problems and set your family up for success with your dog. For pre-baby, after baby, toddler, and tween families.

Canine Swim Lessons: Get your dog to love the pool! Swimming is terrific exercise and a tired dog is a well-behaved dog. For dogs new to, or afraid of, the pool/water.

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