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Written by Kimberly Burgan, CPDT-KA | Illustrations by Christy Stallop

A charming and informative picture book that will serve to educate families about proper interactions between dogs and children to help children to understand the many responsibilities associated with owning a dog, while illustrating the necessary boundaries that should be in place to set both dogs and children up for success within their homes.

Mission Statement

To create a better understanding of dogs for children. Educated children are statistically less likely to be involved in a dog bite incident. Increased awareness creates a safer environment for children while simultaneously keeps dogs safe and healthy in their homes and out of overpopulated shelters.

I invite each of you to share in the adventures of the creation and publishing of "Poppy & Puppy are Friends", while helping families, dogs and many other displaced animals all at the same time!
– Kimberly Burgan, CPDT-KA

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