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Initial Consultation

What Is It?

Your journey into dog training should begin with a solid understanding of why your dog does what she does along with setting some realistic goals within the framework of your family. A Behavior Evaluation & Consultation will set the foundation for your individually tailored training plan. This initial session takes place in your home or neutral location based on your dog’s previously determined particular needs.

Initial Consultation: $125 *

All training programs begin with a 60-minute consultation. I evaluate your dog and we discuss your training goals. I then design a training program to suit your needs, budget, and lifestyle. By the end of the consultation you’ll have:


For Your Dog


For Your Puppy


• An understanding of your dog’s behavior
• A path for getting the problem solved
• Exercises and tips to get you started


• An understanding of puppy socialization
• A house-training protocol
• Puppy training tips to get you started

*additional travel fee may apply outside of immediate service area

Step 1

Call us at 512-636-4813 or email to schedule your Initial Consultation. Don't wait! We tend to book out several weeks in advance!

Step 2

Download, review and complete the two forms below. We ask that you deliver the completed forms to your trainer at your Initial Consultation.

Step 3

Prepayment for your initial consultation is required and will serve to maximize our time together.

Step 4

Review KBDT Payment and Cancellation Policy.

Thank you for allowing KBDT to assist your family with all things dog!

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