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Layla Hanna, Assistant Trainer

You'll find Layla assisting Kimberly in lessons, specialty classes, book-readings, seminars and lectures (local and out of state).

In 2005, Layla discovered her passion for dogs while working at The Austin Humane Society. There she helped develop training programs for at risk shelter dogs using the principles of rewards-based methods and presented on Neonatal Puppy Care and Recognizing Animal Cruelty. While at the shelter, Layla had the benefit of working with an excellent pool of volunteer trainers and the ASPCA in order to learn the newest and most effective training methods with the goal of saving lives.

Very much inspired, Layla then went on to create Sit Sit Stay Petsitting in Austin, TX. Using all that she learned through years of employment with the shelter, she provided top-notch, reliable and authentic care for the family pet while owners traveled. Puppy care was her absolute favorite and general focus; basic puppy training assistance and general dog walking allowed her to enjoy quite a bit of exercise, herself, along-side many an active pup! Interactive games, to promote critical thinking was the difference for Sit Sit Stay Petsitting clientele. Layla was living her dream...helping puppies, from the very beginning, to start their lives in their new homes with good house manners and skills that will help them to enjoy learning throughout their lives.

2011 found Layla yearning to shift from the animal care world to a more intense understanding of canine training and behavior modification. And, after years of a solid referral relationship between Sit Sit Stay Petsitting and Kimberly Burgan Dog Training, Layla joined the KBDT team, in 2012, with the goal of helping more of Austin's dogs, and at the same time learning and growing with them.

2013 found Layla joyfully taking over the KBDT Outdoor Adventure Program and clientele and improving upon this program under her own name. With a strong "KB-esque" foundation, their mutual clients are beyond thrilled to have this duo serving their households!

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