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About Kimberly Burgan Dog Training

After six years of training alongside her mentor, the late Lee Mannix, at the Lee Mannix Center for Canine Behavior in the southern region of Austin, Texas, Kimberly Burgan created KBDT, in 2009, in an effort to provide the same quality companion-dog training service, but convenient to dog-friendly families living in North Austin and Round Rock. After studying under the tutelage of local legend, Lee Mannix and world-renowned canine behavior expert, John Rogerson, there was no question as to the philosophy and approach that Kimberly would take towards her clients both human and canine.

The goal? To make training and learning both convenient and accessible to dog owners within our community while, at the same time, making it fun and practical. The end result allows for better relationships within the home, happier dogs, happier owners, and safer environments for children. Read more about Kimberly Burgan by clicking here.

Our Team

Kimberly Burgan
Bailey Burgan
Layla Hanna

Locations Served

Lakeway, Steiner Ranch and surrounding areas: Four Points, Volente, Hudson Bend, Rough Hollow, River Place and Jester. Areas outside of those mentioned may be negotiated. Please email us!

Equipment Used

Martingale collar (only), a six-foot leash, treats, toys and a big smile!

Training Philosophy

Rewards-based training with a strong emphasis on relationships within the home. A strong advocate against intimidation or compulsion-based methods.

Services Offered

Exclusive and highly specialized in-home, rewards-based, private instruction for behavior modification or advanced training needs. Behavior modification and basic obedience. AKC CGC Instructor and Evaluator.

Local Services Include:
  Nationwide Services Include:
  • Telephone Consultation – for pet dog owners
  • Canine ChitChat – telecourse learning opportunity for pet dog owners COMING SOON!
  • Telephone Coaching – for professional dog trainers or those in training

In Memorium

"Together, with my own dedicated passion, it was Lee Mannix that gave me the confidence I needed to find success in a career as a dog trainer and the gumption to finally spread my own wings and fly. I am forever grateful for the encouraging hand he had in making KBDT a success before we lost him shortly thereafter." — K.B.

Lee Mannix
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